Monday, February 04, 2008

doing the right thing

Last week while walking home, I saw an insurance card on the sidewalk. It was from my insurance company so I recognized it quickly, even though it was pretty dark. I stuck it in my pocket, and then promptly forgot about it.

The next day at work, I found it and did a quick poll in the hallway about what I should do with it. It’s not like a credit card that you might use on a regular basis, and probably not a big deal for the insurance company to reprint. But under the insured person’s name there was a company name on the card, and so I went to Google and found the address of the firm.

I tossed the card in an envelope and addressed it to the Human Resources Department. I jotted down a quick note saying that I’d found the card on 57th Street, and hoped they could get it back to its owner. I guess I didn’t sign it (head cold = fuzzy brain), because…

This morning I found the following message on our e-bulletin board from one of the receptionists: “Thanks for returning the insurance card found on the street: A staff member kindly mailed an insurance card found in the street back to Gregory G with an unsigned note. Gregory's father, George, called with heartfelt thanks. He said it's very refreshing that someone would take the time to do this and wanted to express his appreciation.”

So I’m assuming that the card belonged to a son who dropped it (there are lots of high schools and colleges in my office’s immediate area). Google came through again, because this kind person found my office and called say thank you. My hallway conferees are quite excited to see what good fortune comes my way for doing this good deed. Me too! I'm ready.


Mintyfresh said...

That's a great story! Think of all the karma you earned.

when I was cleaning out my office, I found a pile of postcards, family photos, and the like of the person who preceded me. She and I have some mutual friends, so I found out where she's working now and sent the lot over to her, with a note saying that the job had beat me down, too, and we should do coffee. She just replied with heartfelt thanks--apparently she'd requested these things back from the boss but never got a response! (They were in an unmarked hanging file folder, so perhaps they were just never found.) Anyway, she and i are going to hang out next week :)

Brenda said...

Well done! What a better world it would be if everyone were as thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! It's nice to know that when you do something nice, that it's appreciated. I love that Karma thing.