Wednesday, March 19, 2008

float like a butterfly, busy like a bee

There’s been lots of finishing up going on lately, but none of it knitting-related. I'm trying to float above all of the uncertainity and stay busy with visiting and other farewells. There was a last trip upstate to see family before we head west, and last night a final Broadway show. We saw the new musical adaptation of John Waters’ Crybaby, and while it wasn’t the highest expression of the dramatic arts, it was fun (and free).

This weekend is going to be fun: we have a friend coming for a visit, and dinner with the nephews. The nice thing about the “fully staged” apartment in which we are living is that there is no need to do any cleaning for guests. The place is already sparkling and ready to go.

(Sorry for the crappy, blurry shot - I was rushing around this morning.)

One sock is already done, and the second one will be ready for a heel tonight. It’s my second pair of cable and ribbed socks, but I improved these by doing one sock with a right-twist cable and the next with a left-twist. So fancy! The yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Wool – a mix of bamboo, wool, and a little bit of nylon. It’s nice yarn, and I’ll be interested in hearing how it wears. I’m knitting it at a tighter gauge than recommended, but I like socks to be rather firm. There’s plenty of stretch already, and they should make a pretty nice gift.


Stephanie said...

When's the move date? We need a last knitting circle date too!

Anonymous said...

That won't be a pretty nice gift . .. it will be a fabulous gift!!

I guess I need to pretend I'm moving to get my house in order huh?

Brenda said...

Great sock! They'll be a fabulous gift.