Wednesday, March 12, 2008

politics edition

Thanks for making my Monday afternoon zip right by, Governor Spitzer. And thanks for making a mockery of my voting to you. (Here are some great photoshopped pictures of our disgraced head of state.) Bye-bye: I hope you had fun while it lasted. Time to move to somewhere far, far away; Silda is welcome to stay.

Welcome, Governor Patterson! You seem much more likeable.

Monday morning I saw military recruiters outside the subway station at Columbus Circle. I paused to watch who they were targeting (i.e., chasing down the street). No surprises there. 30-something white women were not considered good candidates. There’s a college for criminal justice studies right near by, so I’m guessing that’s why they were there… many young men and women who are already committing to a life in the line of fire passing through on their way to class.

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guiltypleasures said...

Honestly, don't you think most politicians have dirty little secrets? It's just that some are stupid and get caught. Isn't California far far away? Oh please don't let him move here.