Saturday, March 08, 2008

i'm torn

I decided to start the Woodland Shawl, designed by Nicol Lohr. I had a perfect yarn substitution in the stash - Artfibers Alfabeto - and a burning desire to knit some lace. Because I'm slightly crazy, I jumped right in and cast on.

After one (entire) repeat, I started thinking that it might look better on needles just a bit smaller. So I've done a swatch on #5s, and now I can't really tell if there's any real difference.

The #5s give me a swatch that's just a bit shorter, but the leaves in the pattern seem a bit tighter, and looks to be a quarter of an inch shorter on both sides.

I think that it's time to rip and start over on the size 5 needles. I'm still reeling from the sweater disaster (maybe I'll finally post pictures of that tomorrow), and think that going tighter is a better option. Yay lace!


Mintyfresh said...

the difference is slight, but I think a little tighter is going to make you happier in the long run.

what sweater disaster?!

guiltypleasures said...

That's a tough call. They both look great. I have to go look at the pattern on Raverly now. You're swatches have peaked my interest.