Thursday, March 27, 2008

putting the cocktails back in Y&C

It’s already Thursday, and I’m carving out a few minutes to talk about last weekend. It was great. You can read a good recap of it here. My Sunday was different from Claire’s, as it involved knitting and relaxing and a fun dinner with the nephews.

She also requested that I put the cocktails back into Yarn and Cocktails, and took photos for me. The cocktail list at Blue Smoke is short and to the point. No chocotinis here (thank goodness), just good old-fashioned drinks. I had Sidecards, she had Lynchburg Lemonades. We then had more wine at dinner, and saw the Top Chef (Tom Colicchio) himself.

There have been lots and lots of let’s-go-out-to-dinner-and-drinks-before-you-leave events recently, and my liver could probably use a break. I’ve got a couple of free days coming up, and think that abstaining is going to be very beneficial.

Oh, and I finished those socks. Now I need to start another pair, because the shawl is a little difficult as train knitting.


Brenda said...

Sidecars are wonderful! If the bar has Rye whiskey (NOT Jim Beam! but something like Old Overholt or Rittenhouse) try an Oriental (rye, cointreau, and lime juice). It may be the most superb cocktail on the planet (after your liver dries out of course).

Anonymous said...

mmmm.... love seeing the cocktails again