Saturday, March 01, 2008

the originals

While cleaning out the apartment, to prepare for an open house next weekend, I found some original treasures from my knitted past.

These mittens were the first (I think) successful knitted object I made. The yarn is Morehouse Merino, and I still love the varigated colors. They've been well-used, as evidenced by the blown-out thumb and top on one of them. The fabric is so soft, and I fell a little bit in love with knitting after seeing what I could make with these.

I'm not so in love with these two sweaters that I made ages ago. Therefore, off they went to the church thrift shop on Saturday morning. The blue top is very summery, but knit with the chunkiest yarn imaginable, and not terribly pratical for warm weather wear. (For me, at least.)

Yesterday we removed about a third of the furniture from our apartment, with the help of the BIL and SIL, who really went above and beyond the call of duty. They have a jump-to way about them, and announced that Sunday afternoon was the perfect day to move the furniture - and it was. It was sunny and warm, so there was no need to worry about coats or gloves or rain, and we had four people. Even though there's no moving allowed on Sundays in our building, we zipped the stuff out of there quickly, and got it into the in-law's house just as fast. If Hubby and I tried to do this ourselves some night after work, we probably wouldn't speak to each other for a week. So: thank you thank you thank you!

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Anonymous said...

The moving thing is happening so fast. Seems like just yesterday you told me you were *hoping* to move to Portland.

How wonderful that one of your first knits was worn so much. I think most first knits are tossed in a box never to be worn again.