Thursday, March 06, 2008

things i won’t miss about new york

(A list that will grow over time)

1. Buildings collapsing near my train line and the subsequent very long delays to get home. New York is crumbling, people!

2. Restaurants being forced to close because of greedy, greedy landlords. God know what monstrosity will open up in this space. Le Madeleine will be greatly missed.

3. The Oyster Bar. I really (used to) like this place. It was high on my list of places to revisit before we left, so when a friend who moved to California last year was in town, we set the plans in motion to meet up there. The dinner was really a comedy of errors. I typed out all of the things that went wrong, then deleted it. It just comes down to the fact that they didn’t care one whit about our experience. Sigh.

But I’ve cast on a new sock, with yarn purchased during a trip to Portland. I’ve mentally checked out of New York and have Portland on my mind.


Anonymous said...

I see your list as a good thing not a bad thing. When I moved from Seattle to southern CA, there was nothing I didn't like about Seattle so it made the move very difficult. In fact, I went into a 6-month depression. Thankfully everything has worked out and I'm very happy living where I do.

I'm so excited for your move to Portland. Have the open houses started yet?

Cari said...

Yep, the list will grow. Then you'll get here, and the list of things you DO miss about New York will grow. And then you'll go back to visit and I bet the balance will shift again...

Good luck with the apartment sale!