Thursday, August 03, 2006

donde esta air that i can breathe?

So: very weird experience this afternoon. At 4:30, the most senior member of the staff (present in the building) gets on the paging system and says that the power to the building is being cut at 6pm, they don't know if it is just our building or the west side, and he's closing the office immediately so people can get home. I do not need to be told twice to vacate in order to get home.

Not really knowing what's going on, I rush to GCT, hop on a train, and make it home at 5:30. Phew. No power failures. And then it starts pouring. Build the ark kind of pouring. But it's cool, and refreshing. And I don't have an umbrella. I decide that I don't care and start walking. By the time I hit the area with the shops on my block, I am presenting a bit of a peep show in my very light blue linen shirt. Thankfully I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home.

Let's hope that I don't encounter any of the people I met on the street anytime soon. It would be too embarrassing.

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