Sunday, August 20, 2006

sock finishing sunday

I had my most productive day EVER. I finished three pairs of socks. I maybe have managed to conquer grafting (though I still shouldn't be interrupted while working on it). I also took lots of pictures of my completed socks, but Blogger crashes Safari whenever I try to upload pictures.

So: an update on my sock-of-the-month challenge.
January - autumnal Koigu
February - Retro Ribs
March - Regia pink/orange/blue socks (which I mailed as a birthday gift and failed to photograph)
April - Regia light blue/blue/tan Hubby socks

May - Regia black and pink stripy socks

June - yellow and purple Koigu

July - (still in process!) orange and purple Koigu, with purple heels and toes to keep the crazy pooling stripe in one swirl

It's not so bad. I think that I can finish 12 pairs by the end of the year!

In other exciting finishing news, I completed a sweater for a new baby as well. It's done in Knit Picks Crayon (100% pima tencel). Knitting with this yarn is not the funnest thing ever. However, it's great for seaming, because the texture is so crazy that you can get away with very messy sewing. I used the boat-neck sweater patter from Debbie Bliss's Beginner Baby Kints (or something like that).

Pictures to follow, once Blogger decides to work!

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Megan said...

I bow to your superior sock skills! Are you going to do sock wars?