Thursday, August 10, 2006

odd, but good, train happening

Last night, I sat next to a woman who was working on some sort of document. I'm always trying to determine if all of the people in my town are bankers and lawyers... thus accounting for the slightly dull nature of life 'round here.

I'm also a bit of a snoop. I think it's interesting to see what people bring home for work. There's some woman who edits depositions on a computer with a big screen. I once saw her cleaning up a deposition about Enron. (She only cleans up spelling and punctuation, just so you know.)

So, I glance at the printed email at the front of this woman's file. I see that she's being solicited for a legal opinion from someone at Citibank; ah ha! Lawyer and banker! And then...

I notice that email is from a former co-worker of mine. How bizarre. She has a very unique name, and after checking around today, I confirmed that she works at Citibank. What are the chances?

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