Thursday, August 24, 2006

july is crazy... demonstrated by July's socks. Look at the crazy pooling! I keep telling myself to embrace the pooling, and love the weird zig zags that will go around my foot... but. I'm not super crazy about them. I got a skein of solid purple for the heels to keep the swirls intact (maybe the toes, too). They will have to wait until after vacation, though!

My love of handpainted yarns with very different colors is waning. There's just a limit to the number of socks one can have with crazy stripes. The vacation socks are from a subdued Regia, with a new gray every round, and a little red every once in a while. I think that will be a good cure to my sock blues!


Megan said...

I honestly love that pooling. It looks really fun, almost like tie dye. Trippy might be a good word for it, but the colors are wonderful. You always make things in the best colors--it makes me really jealous.

Claire said...

Abby, When are you coming home from vaca??! I've been reflecting sadly in those purple pool socks for like ever!!! Come back soon.