Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the sixth sock

I'm cruising along on my sixth pair of socks for the year. (Please don't remind me that I'm so far behind on my plan to get twelve pairs done this year.) I got this Koigu in two different stores. The first skein came from Knit NY, the yarn-cafe place on 14th street. I thought that I'd use it to make baby booties, since at the time I didn't do socks. After I started thinking that making socks would be fun, I brought the tag along with me on a trip to Lee's Yarn in Bedford. Lo and behold, I found a matching skein: colorway and dye lot!

Of course, it seems that they aren't exact matches, or my tension changed drastically over the time between making up the legs. The differences in the stripes are very strange. Ah well. I can live with it!

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