Friday, August 17, 2007

another friday listage

1. I'm loving my Mighty Leaf Tea variety package. I pounced on it last Saturday when I discovered it on the shelf at Fairway. So yummy.

2. I'm having my first facial in a very long time tomorrow. I need to prepare myself for a puffy, weird-looking face for the afternoon.

3. Clairest tagged me to do a meme thing, and I'm not sure that I can remember most of the things that I'm supposed to reveal. I'm quite impressed that she can recall all of those lifey details. I think I remember winning the 300m sprint at a track meet in Malone at some point during high school. Does that count? (OK, OK, I'll try to work on it over the weekend...) And why did Clairest leave out living in Ohio for four years? Hm?

4. More yarn: my birthday present from Hello Yarn arrived this week. It's. So. Pretty. I'm slowly being buried by sock yarn. Happily, grandma really liked her birthday socks, so I've got someone else to knit for!

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