Sunday, August 26, 2007

blocking action

Through the haze and humidity, some sunshine is falling on the blocking Chamomile! It's been pinned out since Friday, when I went over it with a very steamy iron. Of course, it's been entirely steamy everywhere, so I'm not sure if there was an added benefit from using the iron. The goal: finish Chamomile before we leave for vacation on Saturday! Since we'll be in New England, I imagine that a silk/cotton sweater will be quite welcomed on those chilly* September nights.

*Here's hoping!

To celebrate the end of major knitting on Chamomile and the blocking-pinning, we drank New Yorkers on Friday night. Whiskey, lime, Cointreau, grenadine (I think we used a bit much) and simple syrup: a very tasty combo. In comparing this with another pink cocktail, the much-overdone Cosmo, a New Yorker wins hands-down. Me likey whiskey.


~Kristie said...

You're definitely on the home stretch now ... although i definitely don't envy you all that seaming (not my favorite part).

The New Yorkers look yummy! I've never had whiskey before, so I may have to try that.

Dipsy said...

Awww - me likey whiskey too ;) Those cocktails look ever so yummy - and so does Chamomile! I can't wait to see it all blocked and finished in all its glory, it's going to be absolutely beautiful! Have a "New Yorker" for me too, pretty pleeze, will you?

Brenda said...

The pieces look great! That will be a wonderful sweater.

I like whiskey much more than vodka too. We had Orientals last night. Very nice.