Tuesday, August 07, 2007

what a mess!

(Not the roses, of course. Those were just a treat for myself at the beginning of a week that I knew was going to be a long one. I love the color combination, and unfortunately the horrible flourscent lights at work don't allow me to really capture the B-U-T* of them. )

*A favorite book that Hubby introduced me to is called C-D-B. So the phrase B-U-T should be read as bee-you-tee. It's a fantastic read, and so clever.

I decided to use up some stash to make a summer top for myself, before the end of the season. The Nothin' But a T-Shirt came to mind (even though it was named for a Jessica Simpson song (shudder)), as it was what I wanted style-wise, and my gauge was close for the old bag of Jo Sharp Desert Garden.

But whoa: this yarn twists up like no one's business. And I'd re-skeined it after seeing that the swatches were pretty twisty. This was the scene from the train last night on my way home (sorry the photo is so shaky - I couldn't help it!). I had to stop knitting because I couldn't untwist, and didn't have space for shaking it out.

Another decision for stopping this project was the fact that, with one ball of yarn nearly finished, I'd only gotten 3" of the front. I wouldn't have been able to get the whole garment knit (by a long shot) with only 10 balls. The pattern calls for 6 balls of Rowan Calmer, leading to the question: what is up with this yarn?

And what can I do with it since a garment isn't in the cards? Learn to crochet?

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~Kristie said...

I personally didn't experience twisting like that with the Rowan Calmer, so I'm at a loss. It's a beautiful color though.