Saturday, August 11, 2007

on the needles, and off

Why, it's the front of Chamomile, from the Rowan Summer Tweed book! I came back from Portland with the idea that I needed to start knitting sweaters; I've got tons of yarn for them in the stash, but fear them. I think it comes down to the getting gauge issue. There was one disasterous sweater, from years ago, which I can't talk about without having a few drinks first.* Lately, I seem to be evening out, and by going down one size from the recommended size, I'm right on.

*Seriously: it's bad. I shed tears when it was over. Then did something stupid which prevents me from frogging the whole thing. Oy vey.

After Chamomile, there will only be one other red sweater's worth of yarn. Next up has to be something purple. I've got three (yes, three) purple sweater projects in the stash. I guess you can say that I know what I like.

Claire sent me the loveliest boucle yarn from her trip to Australia. In this season, holding it makes me start sweating, but in a few months it will feel great to have in my lap. Thank you, Claire!


Brenda said...

Great sweater front! I think we all have such a sweater in our past. Thank goodness for cocktails!

The boucle is spectacular. Looking forward to seeing the design for it.

Claire said...

You're welcome! :) Enjoy it this winter.

~Kristie said...

The sweater front looks great. I'm personally afraid of knitting sweaters too, but maybe I'll venture into it as well. We'll see.