Wednesday, August 08, 2007

emergency sock

Last Friday I discovered a problem. While I had three knitting projects in my bag (all small, thankfully) and two hours in which to knit after work and before dinner, I hadn't planned out the projects very well.

Project #1 was the blue AfA hat. I needed to do the crown decreases and forgot my DPNs.

Project #2 was the Embossed Leaf sock that needed a toe frogged and a new one knit. While I brought two skinny DPNs on which to place the newly-live stitches, bringing needles that would allow me to reknit the toe escaped my notice.

Project #3 was swatching for the now-frogged Desert Garden sweater. This I could have worked on, but didn't, and I guess I knew that it wasn't going to work out for us.

I decided that, since it was August and KFYS was over, I should treat myself to some new yarn and start something new. I headed to The Point, and didn't really see anything.* So I walked over to Purl. Lots and lots of Koigu, and custom Lorna's colors, yet nothing jumped out at me.

*Except, Subway Knitter, was that you? I couldn't tell for sure, and was too shy to interrupt.

Thus the idea of the Emergency Work Sock. I need a sock-in-progress to keep at work for those times when I haven't planned well and need something easy for the train, or to kill some time before an evening event. Therefore:

I'm going to start this with Judy's Magic Cast-On, and just go crazy with stockinette stitch. I love my Regia stripes. If the torrential rains that have completed shut down New York City today (WTF?) appeared during the evening rush instead of the morning, I'd be really happy to have an easy sock with which to entertain me during the delays.

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Brenda said...

Excellent plan, and I love the blues of the yarn!