Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the finished wave

Pattern: Wave Jacket from Miss Bea's Seaside
Yarn: Elann Den-m-nit, about 7 balls of the darker and 3 of the lighter
Needles: size 6 Addi
Modifications: I couldn't get the row gauge on target, so that caused some changes. Most of my discussions about the jacket took place here, waaaaay back in September.

This was my first experience in installing a zipper in a knit garment. Things were pretty shaky at first, but I have high hopes that it will stay in place. I ordered the zipper from Custom Zips, who matched the yarn sample really well* and sent my order really quickly. I mailed the form on a Tuesday, and had the zipper on Friday. That's impressive.

*If you do order from them, you MUST send a sample for them to match and then cross your fingers. There's no color chart to help you (even on the website), and only a list of color names. Not terribly helpful. But they did a very good job this time, so I will use them again.

I'm so happy with my jacket that I'm dancing!


Brenda said...

The jacket looks fantastic! Well done!

Good to know about Custom Zips.

~Kristie said...

SO ADORABLE! I'm so impressed that you put in that zipper. Wow! I'm still not comfortable yet to do something like that, but if I do, I'll definitely try Custom Zips. Thanks.

Dipsy said...

My gosh, this jacket looks ever so cute! You have every right to be dancing and being proud on it, you've knit it up so beautifully and your little one looks totally adorable in it!
Ahhh, installing a zipper! I've done this 3, 4 times by now and always dread the moment I have to begin with it - it's a job I'll always be dreading, even though it usually works pretty well with a bit of concentration (and luck ;) As I see it, you've installed the zipper perfectly and I'm sure it'll stay in place! Congratulations!