Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pillow talk

I am frantically knitting two small, slightly fancy pillows for a pair of three-year-old ring bearers for a wedding this weekend. They are small, thankfully, and but many attempts to find a really cool edging to stitch on for a border have come to naught. I've been through all of the Knitting on/over/at the Edge books, my two Walker Treasuries, and just about every other knitting book I've got. I thought that it would be a breeze to knit up a nice border, tweak it into a circle, and knit a pillow inside. The problem was the border.

The search for the perfect border delayed the start of the knitting for about a week. Once I realized that the wedding was less than a week away, I decided that the time for casting on something, anything was NOW. Deadline knitting is no fun at all.

Things are looking up: the pillows themselves are done and stuffed, and the edging is coming along. I'm just picking up 8 stitches, and decreasing at each end (every other row) until there's only one left. I'll certainly tidy up the points before the wedding, but I'm very happy that it's not going to take me the rest of the week finish!


Dipsy said...

I absolutely agree, deadline knitting is no fun at all! But the idea of these little pillows for the ring bearers is awesome!

miss88keys said...

Knitted ring bearer pillows is such a cute idea! I can't wait to see yours finished! Very clever!