Saturday, October 27, 2007

the haul from rhinebeck

We still didn't have sunshine today, but there was enough light to quickly take some pictures... through the rain!

Sock yarn was, of course, highly desirable. The top two skeins are very squishy and lovely. The denim yarn just above here is from Sliver Farms. I got some last year in purple, and liked it so much that I went back for more. The barely varigated colors are a pleasure to see.

Morehouse laceweight, 440 yards. It's lovely. Though I said that I wouldn't buy any laceweight, it's Morehouse, so I made an exception.

And four skeins of stunning hand-dyed Morehouse three-strand merino. They are going to be lovely scarves or mittens. I'm sad that they are closing their store, but very glad for them that the internet business is doing so well.

This wool is part of a mitten kit that came with roving to use as thrums. They're going to be very, very warm.

And I can't wait until next year!


Nora said...

I love the red/black hand-dyed Morehouse!! It would make a stunning scarf.

~Kristie said...

If I ever make it to Rhinebeck, I know who I'm coming shopping with. You definitely scored some beautiful yarn!!

Claire said...

Abby, wow that's beautiful. And if it weren't for the daily new projects you post, I'd be concerned that you're over-shopping and an intervention might be needed. The blue is exquisite.
I walked by a yarn store today in Madrid and thought of you, but sadly they were closed. And I'm not sure that the Spanish are known for their yarn.

Dipsy said...

Awww, the goodness! Needless to say that I love them all too ;)))

Brenda said...

Great stuff! The sock yarns are really pretty. Glad you had a good time.