Monday, October 22, 2007


Much fun was had over this exhausting weekend. I didn't get to the New York Botanical Garden's Kiku show, the wedding was great, it was wonderful to be away from my messy apartment for a little while, and I had a fabulous time with Stephanie, Marni and Ed and bought great yarn at Rhinebeck. The New York Times was there, with rather balanced coverage of yarn and fleece-crazed people. And the Yarn Harlot! Who was not fair and balanced, which is how we like her.

The trees were stunning, and Morehouse helpfully dyed some yarn to match. (Thanks for holding it up, Marni!)

The sad news is that I won't have natural light for photographing my purchases until Saturday! (So strange that it's warm out, but dark when I wake and dark when I get home.) But there's a lot of beautiful things reclining on my coffee table. Including a drop spindle. Egads! Am I spinning now?


~Kristie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time but we have to wait? And a drop spindle? WOW!

Dipsy said...

This sounds like a great time indeed! And the last pic is ever so beautiful - thanks for sharing!