Friday, October 26, 2007

october friday listage

*The Farnsworth Invention, a new play by Aaron Sorkin, was a riveting two hours of theater. Mr. Sorkin was there, and should maybe not use the car service quite so much and walk a little bit. Might help the waistline. Just sayin'.

*The lack of light at any point when I'm home is going to make taking photographs pretty difficult. I think I might try to set up a light box with some posterboard, because it's dark dark dark all the time.

*The clasp in the front of the Tilted Duster doesn't seem to keep the points together as I'd like. More futzing will be required over the weekend, but I enjoyed the cozy collar this morning on my walk to work. It's way too hot to wear it in the office, but happily I'm going out to lunch and get another opportunity to try it on!

*My lunch date is with a one-year-old (and his mother), who will finally receive his Wave Jacket. I've installed my first zipper, and now can only keep my fingers crossed that it stays in place. I love the little jacket. It's spread out on my desk because I can't bear to wrap it up yet.

Pictures of my Rhinebeck purchases coming tomorrow!

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