Thursday, May 15, 2008

demented parsnip, or...

...what came from my first class on using a drop spindle.  It was a good class, and I know that I've got a lot of work to do.  Which is why I purchased this lovely bit of fluffiness as well (3.5 oz of merino).

I probably won't ever spin laceweight with a drop spindle, but I can see that this is a slippery slope.  I've already been looking for places to rent a wheel in Portland.  

In other news, it's supposed to get up to 86 degrees today, and 97 tomorrow.  So far, the house is remaining pretty comfortable, which is great because our air conditioners didn't make the trip out West.  The high temperatures mean clear skies, and I had wonderful views of Mounts Hood and St. Helens this morning.  Ah, for a little of that snow down here!

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guiltypleasures said...

Welcome to the slippery slope! If you can find a Lendrum Double Treddle to rent, that would be the one I'd recommend. How exciting!!