Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today is, evidently, a fairly typical Portland day: light ran, all day long.  So my plans for walking up Mount Tabor were put on hold.  But this gave me the opportunity to finally finish the Woodland Shawl (Nikol Lohr, using Artfibers Alfabeto).  

I've been cranking away on it for longer than I thought, but it was really knit during short, productive bursts.  I did quite a bit of it during my short trip to Portland at the beginning of April.  While on the plane back, I joined the third ball of yarn, and thought that the color seemed a little odd.  I chalked that up to the fact that lighting on airplanes is not the best, and that I was so tired I probably wasn't seeing anything correctly.  After I got back to NY, life got incredibly crazy, and the shawl stayed in the ziploc bag.  I'd do a row here and there, but never really got it out to examine.  

Well, I guess that I should have, because that third ball of yarn is a very, very different color from the other three. See that?  From the middle, to 3/4 of the way down the shawl?  This is all rather perplexing, since Artfibers doesn't do dyelots - there's one run of a yarn, and then that's it.  (From what I understand.)  It can't be from being out in light, because the entire skein is lighter than the others.  I kept all four of the skeins together after I purchased them, so something happened during production.  You also couldn't see a difference while they were wound up.  

But anyway, the point of this shawl was to do some easy lace during the moving period, and it accomplished this goal.  I'll block it, put it away, and wait for a gift-giving occasion for someone whose sight isn't the greatest.  

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Anonymous said...

Is the yarn kettle dyed? If there's no dye lots, it would be the only thing that would make sense to me. When you're wearing it though, you'll probably be the only one that knows. Anyway .. it's beautiful!