Monday, May 05, 2008

some random thoughts

I wish that I’d had a better understanding of what a forecasted temperature of 42-55 degrees Fahrenheit meant before I packed to move to Portland. What I wouldn’t give for a pair of my handknit wool socks right now. And a scarf, or three. It's getting much warmer during the days, but wow: it was cold for a while.

But things are looking up. Our old car was delivered on Saturday night, and I was very excited to see it. (Not so excited to spend the day at the DMV and other offices getting it re-registered, but what can you do?) In it was a bunch of blankets and comforters that were light and took up a lot of space. I was foolishly thrilled to pull them out of the trunk. My duvet! It’s here! Something of my old life!

The moving truck comes on Wednesday. The cable and internet installation on Thursday. We are getting some order… and I have a new library card, which I’ve been using like crazy (DVDs, mainly, since it gets pretty dark and quiet in our house at night). But I’ve already finished two books (The Doctor’s Daughter by Hilma Wolitzer and Elements of Style by Wendy Wasserstein; not the finest pieces of literature ever, but I was glad to read fiction), and I picked up two more.

We went for a walk with Hubby’s cousins on Mount Tabor yesterday afternoon. It was cool and shady under the Douglas Firs, and we had great views of Mount Hood, St. Helens, and other peaks in the Cascades. It’s really very beautiful here.

But in the meantime, a question for the fiber readers: there seem to be moths in our house, and I’ve scattered sachets of cedar around everywhere. If I put all wool into Ziploc bags as soon as it comes inside, will my wool be safe? And the cottons don’t have to be sealed up because moths aren’t interested in that fiber? (I need to do a little internet research, but my online time is so limited right now.)


Mintyfresh said...

i can't imagine going without most of my belongings for so long!

No advice on the moths, but I figure if you seal up the fiber it should be fine--don't know about cotton but I'd say on the offchance the moths lay some eggs on the cotton you wouldn't want them later mingling with the wools. But don't go by me!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Wednesday is almost here! I should've told you that the weather feels cooler because of the humidity. Dangit.

Honestly, I'm not sure if moths can get through the ziploc bags or not. I definitely recommend investing in some plastic storage containers that seal tight so the little buggers can't sneak in. Why don't you check with your new LYS? They'd probably be your best source of help.