Wednesday, June 25, 2008

berry blues

I’ve been feeling bad about my knitting. Things aren’t really going right, and I’ve got all this pent-up guilt about projects that have been lingering forever. These feelings are coming up because I’ve been trying to figure out what to bring on our California road trip this weekend. Do I bring old projects that need a jump-start? There is a possibility that I’ll still be disenchanted with them, not knit, and just stare out the window.

Or do I start more projects (more projects!) in yarn that I’ve got upstairs? I’ve been very, very good and not purchased yarn this year at all.* So do I go to any of the excellent yarn shops in Portland and get something new and fresh?

*OK, there was one skein, but it was to finish a sock made from stash yarn.

One thing is going right, though, and that’s berry season in Oregon. Look at these beauties! Nearly all of them are in the freezer for use as sauces and oatmeal toppings over the winter months. I originally had grand plans for picking all of the fruit myself, but at $3 a pint it seemed like a steal to let someone else bake in the sun and do all the work for me.

Little mustard collie-flower (they are about the size of my fist) for dinner tonight. They are too adorable.

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Anonymous said...

YUM! The only thing better than looking at yarn, is looking at food!

Where are you tripping off to this weekend? I think you should just keep driving until you hit Los Angeles and then give me a call. ;-)