Monday, June 16, 2008

my kind of town (i suppose)

Our trip to Chicago lasted 48 hours - including travel with stopovers in Minneapolis. In that very short amount of time, we packed in sightseeing (a river cruise from the Chicago Architecture Foundation), Claire's wedding party, and meals with two friends. One friend moved to Chicago from New York about 18 months ago, and another just happened to be in town from New York, too. Meeting in the middle! So easy!

Of course, we've learned that living in Portland means that you can't easily get many places on a direct flight. We had the option of flying to Newark on our way to Chicago, but declined.

It was very interesting to be in a big, big city again after nearly two months of Portland. There were taxis! mass transit everywhere! tourists! high style restaurants! a truly obnoxious waitress! people walking quickly! As a result of being back in a City, I found myself very impatient with people at the airport on the trip home, and I need to get back to a Portland equilibrium. One where I'm not tapping my foot when someone isn't ready to give their gelato order upon reaching the counter. (When at Alotto Gelato, I only tapped once or twice.)

Saturday was also Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and once again I found myself at a wedding or wedding-type event. I managed half a very short round of a sock (again!), and Hubby captured my contribution on the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip. Good for you pulling out your knitting on WWKIP day. You look great!

I miss the "pace" of the Pacific Northwest. I love to visit big cities, but prefer living somewhere a bit on the quiet side. But with close proximity to "stuff".