Friday, June 06, 2008

strange week

It's been odd being back at work for the same old company, but working out of my dining room across the country.  That's part of what's made it a strange week.  I took two pictures: one of the spot in my car where the air conditioning's freon leaked (in case it goes away before the appointment on Tuesday), and the other of the lovely peonies we got at the market last Saturday.  They drink tons of water, and look like they'll go for another week.  (I thought that picture should go up top.)

See the yellow-green colored splotch?  That's the dye they put in to see where it went.  Mission accomplished.  And so you can see how exciting this week has been.

But we did get to go see Pink Martini in concert, and that was rather awesome.  That was actually a bit of a plus for Portland, when we were doing a tally of the pros and cons; if a group that makes music that excellent calls this place home, then we'd probably like it too.

It's been cold here, so much so that we gave up last night and turned on the furnace.  In June!  65 never felt so heavenly.  It was below 50 this morning, so I think that we made the right decision.

There's not much new on the Swallowtail Shawl, as I screwed up the first border edging and needed to study the fix.  It's back on track now, but I need to be a lot more careful about dropping stitches.  It's such a drag to find a sad little stitch hanging out in midair.

Tonight is barbeque and beer, to celebrate the Big Apple BBQ fest, happening this weekend.  It's always completely insanely crowded, so I'm OK with not being there.  But the occasion must be acknowledged.  If you go, tell me how it is... inquiring minds want to know.

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Brenda said...

I hope next week is better! Beautiful peonies.