Wednesday, June 11, 2008

one border, one heart

(Can you name the song this title comes from? It's from a very famous show.)

Although I professed my dislike of the nupps in the border of the Swallowtail Shawl, they make the pattern so elegant that I can't imagine not including them (now that I'm through the first border section). They are much easier after you've learned the trick of making them very, very loose - thus allowing more space for the dreaded purl-5 together. The nupps really capture the beauty of a lily of the valley's nodding head. There's another border section to go, and then the finishing points. I've very excited for the blocking of this shawl.

It also takes very little yarn. I'm still in the first ball of the Morehouse Merino laceweight, so I've used less than 220 yards of yarn. The final borders will take up a quite a bit, but there are no worries about running short, for a change.

I made some green tea cookies for the book club I joined, prompting one member to exclaim (rather loudly), "Are those things green?" Yes, my cookies are green, and they are very tasty. I got the recipe here, via Super Eggplant. I didn't make them as thick as recommended, but I didn't know how many people to expect at book club, and wanted to make sure that there were enough to go around. It wasn't a problem, because only one was eaten. The host assured me that club members never eat, and that her sons would love them. As long as they go to a good home...

The peony petals are falling like crazy, and they still look stunning, even spread all over the table.


Mintyfresh said...

i can only hear that song from the commercial--so i don't know where it's from originally--where it goes into "let's get together and feel alright."

That's kind of rude that only one person even sampled the cookies you went to the trouble to make! how did you like them?

Anonymous said...

Did you accidentally join the "dieters book club"? I would've definitely tried them. Diet or not, they sound delicious. Then again, I like green tea and cookies, so it sounds like a wonderful combination.

The shawl is looking so great. How do you like that yarn though? I've heard mixed reviews about it.