Monday, June 09, 2008

it's a parade!

A parade that starts out with a gang of Segways is going to be good.

Since the parade was honoring the Rose Festival, there's a Rose Court of lovely young ladies (sitting in flower-covered Ikea chairs), wearing Rose dresses.

I love this hippo. The little frogs strain to lift the ballerina up in the air. I was sorry that I didn't capture the full grimace made by the froggies. This might have been my favorite float.
Local giant Fred Meyer had a wonderful gardening display... much like their stores. I didn't get any pictures, but there were marching bands, and a ton of rodeo queens on horses completely decked out in flowers, glitter, and hoof polish (seriously). We decided that we needed to find a rodeo to attend this summer, because, why not?

And to cap it all off, there were llamas. Some pulling little carts, and most just enjoying a stroll down the 4 mile parade route.
People start camping out to get good spots for parade viewing on Friday. This made me nervous. I never enjoyed the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade experience of being mushed in a sidewalk with thousands of others. Of course, I should have remembered that things are a little different in Portland. We got there about an hour before the start of the parade, and easily found a spot (for us and our chairs!) right on the route.

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Brenda said...

Looks like a fun parade! The hippo is really fun.

Reading your post, I realized I've never been to a "big" parade. I saw a lot of Miss Wisconin parades when I was a kid. But never a fancy float, segways and llamas sort of parade.