Monday, March 13, 2006


Here they are: my first attempt at short-row heels and toes. I love the look of the Dream Socks, but I really didn't enjoy doing the short-rows. Unless I can sit and do the whole thing at once, I mess it up. And I haven't mastered the art of frogging back to the error, so I need to rip the whole darn thing and start from scratch. Finally, having to graft across 30 stitches is a little beyond me. Thankfully the wild Koigu colors hide the very poor finishing!

I am excited to give them a wear, though, and see how they feel on the feet. This weekend is supposed to be cold again, so I'll get at least one wearing in before spring hits. Whether I'll try short-rows again depends on how they wear; I'm hoping for a nice snug fit.

The pattern: Priscilla Gibson-Robert's Dream Socks
The yarn: Koigu KPPPM from Sticks and Strings in the village
The time: Cast on at the beginning of November, finished yesterday (not my best effort, but I kept putting them away because of short-row trauma).

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