Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A yarn shop near home is closing this weekend, after 85 years in business. The owners are now elderly, the younger generation isn't interested in carrying on the business. It's sad to see small businesses close in today's world, when there are big box stores everywhere.

However, I can't get that worked up about this store closing. The staff's attitude was always bordering on surly. If they had been nicer and more welcoming, I think that I would have started knitting earlier. The stock on the shelves was dusty and dingy. The overall experience of shopping there was so poor that I'm kind of happy it's not there to poison knitters who might be starting out.

My unfortunate experiences there didn't stop me from going to the 50% off sale. I got a bunch of Cotton Classic (I can wash it, and therefore don't have to worry about the dust), and some sparkly Berroco Metallic FX. I really liked the Hershey's Kiss hat in Handknit Holidays, and although I didn't have the book with me, I thought that this would be perfect.

Who will be the lucky kid to get this hat? I'm not sure yet. Another friend announced his impending fatherhood yesterday. This isn't the Year of the Dog: it's the Year of the Baby.

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