Sunday, March 26, 2006

stash enhancement

I was really trying to follow along with Amelia's New Year's Resolutions with respect to yarn buying. It was acceptable to do on trips (because it was a souvenier); it was fine to purchase yarn at 50% off; it was encouraged if you were going to start a project immediately and nothing in the stash would do. So far, I've followed those rules. There was Portland yarn shopping (and I used some of that immediately), there was a purchase from Knit Picks to try out cottons for all of the impending babies that need knitwear, and there was discount shopping at that the store-that-should-not-be-named (now closed, so it's probably ok to name).

But this past week was really rough at work. I got the Elann email, and saw that they had Regia Cotton Surf. My blue stripey socks were from this yarn, and I've really grown to like them. Hubby liked them as well, and he doesn't have handknit cotton socks... so I was weak. I bought three colors of Regia (guess which one is for me?) and he was very pleased with the selection.

The Den-M-Nit was just for the stash. I really want to try a piece from the Miss Bea's Seaside collection, and didn't have enough leftovers from the Taro blankie to complete a garment. So I got a bunch of that too.

Of course, this was a purchase from Elann, so the prices were 50% off retail. Does that mean that I've kept the resolution?

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