Sunday, March 12, 2006

Touch Me again

I found three precious balls of Muench Touch Me at a small shop on the UES about a year ago. I loved the bright red, the feel of it, and the 60% off retail. (That stuff is just too expensive to pay full price!) I took it out on occasion to fondle, but never could find a pattern that I really liked. Eventually, I needed a real pick-me-up, and took it out to do a quick 1x1 ribbed scarf. It was really nice to knit, and I got through most of the three balls.

I only cast on 16 stitches, and it was a bit narrow for my taste. Also, there were some problems with big loops hanging off at random intervals. So, on Friday night I decided that I just couldn't use the precious Touch Me for something that looked icky and that I wouldn't wear.

So, I frogged the scarf and rewound the balls.

I'm thinking that seed stitch might work best for the next go-around. However, with spring upon us, I'll hold onto them until fall rolls around again.

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