Friday, March 10, 2006

Secret Stash of Sock Stuff

OK, so it's just too warm to think about making woolly socks right now. I pulled out the sock yarn stash, just to assess the possibilities. (I need to stop buying yarn.) I think that it's time to start the Retro Rib socks in the navy Jawoll cotton. I got that at Purls of Yarn in Pleasantville last year. It's got nice flecks of purple, aqua, and pink; but it's very subtle. The rest of the stash is woolly, and there's no way I'll finish a new woolly pair by the time I can still wear them.

This weekend I plan to finish a pair of Koigu simple ribbed socks for me! This was the first time I've tried the short-row heel and toe. I want to see how they wear before starting another set. I'm stuck on toe #2, and keep having to frog back to the beginning of the short-row part. When I mess up I can never seem to figure out how to just go back to the error, so end up taking it all out. For that reason, I tend to think that short-rowing just isn't for me. Action shots by Sunday, I hope!

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