Wednesday, March 29, 2006

news flash: sock in progress

I'm pretty proud of my Retro Rib sock progress. I'm spending more time on them than I should be, but... life is short. (Please don't remind me that the semester is even shorter.) I really like the stretchiness of the ribbing patter, and think that it's going to wear really well.

I'm ready to start on the heel. The Jawoll came with matching reinforcing thread for the heel and toe, which I've never used. I tried to thread when doing Hubby's Koigu socks, but it looked really icky (he's pretty rough on them). I chose to only do 14 pattern repeats for the leg, because I like my socks a little bit shorter than most. It's about 6.5", and that's just fine with me.

I have a conference running from Sunday through Tuesday. I wonder if I can hide in the back and finish my socks during the boring bits?

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