Saturday, May 20, 2006

big needle break

I need a bit of a respite from the teeny tiny sock needles. I'm a bulky needle kind of gal; generally tense, and therefore happy to have a needle in hand that probaby won't snap if I get particularly worked up by some gum-chewer on the train.

So what else should a girl work on for the beginning of June in New York? Why, a big wool scarf, of course. This is my souvenier skein from last year's Spring Break trip to New Orleans. I just wanted a little something, and this super-soft Malabrigo seemed like just the ticket. I hadn't heard of it at that point, and it was so much like the Morehouse Merino three-ply that I was taken in.

The colors are kinda crazy. It was really beautiful wrapped up in the skein, but I'll admit that I was kinda scared when I untwisted it this morning. I still think that it will look lurvely in one of the cabled scarves from One Skein. Haven't picked which one to use yet, but I'm leaning towards the Single or Triple.

The colors seemed to calm down again once I wound it up into a ball (phew). It'll be nice to have some #8s in my hands again!

Time to get to work. Any ideas on how creating sound institutions will effect governance and development? Me neither. I'm doing a midterm after one class meeting. Oy.

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