Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I was really, really happy to see the first ads for the new season of Entourage appear this week. I wasn't an early watcher, but Hubby put it on the Replay from the beginning and was a fan from the start. I wasn't ready to buy in; it seemed too much like Sex and the City for guys, with Manolo talk removed to make way for new cellphone talk. I think the first episode I saw was the one with the party at the Playboy mansion. I claimed that I knew why it was so popular with guys after that. But I kept watching (gotta keep an eye on what Hubby is viewing), and started to like the show. At the end of last season I was sad to think that I wouldn't get to see the boys for months.

I'm still not sure why I like it so much, but I'm happy that June is right around the corner.

One paper is done; the other is due on Monday. With all the required writing of late, I haven't had the motivation to write for this here thingy. Ana Marie Cox (has anyone read her Time column?) said in a radio interview that bloggers should post every single day. I find that pretty exhausting. And it cuts down on the knitting and drinking time, though I'm sure Ana doesn't think that writing and drinking are mutually exclusive. But I'll try to keep the cocktails away from the paper on microfinance and poverty reduction in Afghanistan.

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