Friday, May 19, 2006

the second annual lavender gin

Last year, on the cusp of spring and summer, Sunday Styles had a piece on lavender in drinks. Being that I love lavender a whole lot, I was intrigued. One of my favorite desserts comes from Claudia Fleming's book, The Last Course. It's a lemon lavender pound cake, and so fragerent that it knocks your socks off (but in a really subtle wonderful way). The article mentioned that Gramercy Tavern had a lavender cocktail on their special summer drink menu. I took to Google looking for ways to combine another favorite thing with an existing favorite thing.

A lavender farm suggested a simple solution: take a couple of tablespoons of lavender, put in a bottle of gin, and let it steep in the freezer for about a week. Rotate it every once in a while, then enjoy in your favorite gin drink. Happy day! I immediately hit the cupboard, found a bottle of less-appealing gin, and dumped in a bunch of lavender. Into the freezer; wait, shake, wait, shake... then mix.

The results are simply marvelous. This afternoon, to celebrate the rain and the drizzle and the cool temperatures, I made this summer's bottle of lavender gin. I'll agree; it's the perfect gin. Bring on summer!

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