Sunday, May 07, 2006

five down, three to go

The end of another semester, and only three more to go before I'm announced as a Master of Public Administration. Ha! I pretty much finished my final on Saturday, but needed Hubby to read it over before submitting the paper. But I sent it in, and we celebrated the end of semester five with a lurvly rose Cava and nibbles. It was fruity, and quite sweet. And there is some left over for a treat tomorrow, too!

Yesterday the mailman brought another cleaning-house present from Claire; a massive collection of knitting needles from Claire's mom's knitting days. Joltin' Joe is assessing the goods, and thinking that the Barry Bonds needles at the bottom weren't really worth the fuss. Damn things/people hopped up on steriods...

One question: did you send this in a box printed with "Opium" because of all the work I've been doing on Afghanistan? They do have other exports besides drugs, just so everyone knows. There's the... um... you know... ah... dried mulberries? Soaps? Yeah, something like that.

I have had dried mulberries from Afghanistan, and they were pretty interesting. We had some people come to talk about the projects they were doing in Kabul, and they brought a paper sack full of them. They found it pretty amusing that they flew the entire way from Afghanistan and were never asked what the hell those dried berry things actually were.

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Claire said...

The opium box was just coincidental... and just the perfect size for the needles. What do you do with those BBonds needles anyway? Growing up I always thought they were a joke. :)