Monday, May 22, 2006

celebrity sighting at starbucks

This morning I saw a man that I've had my eye on since I was seven. That summer, my sitter Kelly introduced me to the world of the soap opera. Her show was Guiding Light. I think that her show was GL because it was on CBS, one of the three channels that we got up there in yonder mountains. I was, frankly, enthralled. Wowsers, that show had it all.

Now, it's been years since I've watched a soap opera. Also, in the NYC metro area, GL is broadcast at 9am (I think), which is waaaay too early for soap-viewing. David Rakoff wrote a very entertaining bit about working as an extra on soaps, in which he mentioned that soap actors are the most beautifulist people ever.

Well, after this morning I can confirm that Josh (Robert Newman) is really lovely to look at. (Also, soap actors seem to give really strange interviews to people on the internet. You can read all about actor's pets and why they love animals at some sites.)

But how many times can you see a person and realize that he or she looks exactly like you remember them from 22 years ago? That's freaky.

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Lorette said...

Yikes. He does look like he did twenty years ago when my grandma watched GL. The scary thing is that if you turn it on and watch a few episodes now, you really haven't missed much of the story line either.