Friday, May 05, 2006

week in review

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in Brooklyn. We hit the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and were completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in attendance. There were so many people that we didn’t even see any of the events to make this a “special event.” There were some people wandering around kimonos, so I guess that was “special” enough. See Baby #1 of 2006 made the visit worthwhile. We then wandered around the Slope and bought weird imported beers from a place called Bier Kraft. So far we are really pleased with them. The Mermaid Inn was a tasty choice for dinner, before hitting [Title of Show] at the Vineyard.

Sunday was dull and devoted writing papers and school reading.

Happily, Monday brought along the final day of classes. I said goodbye to a guy that I worked with on a project in my very first semester. He’s off to work in Southeast Asia for a year, so, good to know you, Joe. Will I ever see you again?

Tuesday brought the spectacle of David Blaine in a tank for the next week. Very crazy, and just a few blocks from my office, but I haven’t gone to visit yet. There are plans for my department to take a little field trip on Monday, so I must remember to bring the camera to work.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday passed with work then writing in the evenings. I am a very slow writer. I think that I’d speed up if I took apart the wireless Internet in the apartment, and might do that in the morning. I am weak; if there is Internet available, I will waste time instead of doing my work.

Much like I’m doing now. Next entry, pictures of the bits of knitting I’ve done, but not before my final assignment is submitted.

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