Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spring cleaning

I am particularly troubled by this. Just make the food and drink, OK? Enough with the infused foam and deconstructed salads. I'm paying for YOU to make my meal, yo, and not for me to do the work.

Yesterday afternoon I had a grand plan. I was going to do the whole heel flap on the second Retro Rib sock during the commute home. I started it on the way into work, and so should be able to get it done lickety-split. Then, during the Yankees-Red Sox game, I would do the short-row heel on Hubby's new sock. The productivity was going to be fierce. Upon reaching my seat on the train for the trip home, I noticed that I'd done the morning piece of the heel flap on 32 stitches instead of 30. Trying to control the sobbing, I ripped it back... and then took a nap. So last night's progress was only finishing one heel. And watching the Yankees get slapped around by the Sox. It wasn't a good night. Henceforth, I wasn't up to taking pictures, but will try tonight.

After Hubby got home, I made mini sidecars with Cognac (instead of plain brandy). That helped to end the evening on a more positive note.

It's also Spring Cleaning time, and I'm finally getting rid of some yarn that I would probably never ever use. I don't think that I included this as part of my stash during Flash Your Stash day, because I was so ashamed by it! I accumulated most of it from my early knitting days, when I thought that yarn was hard to come by, so buying huge skeins of Red Heart seemed like a great idea. It's time to go. The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services happily agreed to take it off my hands (and I confessed that a bunch of it was acrylic), so I'm hoping that I can drop it off this week. They are conveniently located near my office! Even better.

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