Sunday, April 30, 2006

miters away!

I adore Morehouse Merino. I love that it comes from sheep that live about an hour away from me. I love the colors and the barely spun three-ply yarn. I've bought lots and lots over the years, and it was the very first yarn that I bought. Remnants from that skein are in the second row, fourth one in from the left.

Because I've purchased so much over the years, I've got tons of little scraps. After Kay introduced me to the concept of the mitered square, I finally knew what to do with all of them! The squares are quite little, and sewing them all together is going to be a fairly miserable process. But I love the way that they look together. I need to visit their shop, Sheep's Clothing (so cute!), bring all of the squares, and figure out what other colors are needed to finish it off. There's no rush on this blanket, but seeing the squares in their plastic pouch just makes me happy while I'm plugging away on final papers.

Speaking of, there are many reasons to be POed at President Clinton for his actions while in the White House. However, as I'm working on a paper of the intersection of policy-making and politics in health care, his failures in that arena are really upsetting. Every last issue that was proposed in 1993 is still an issue in 2006. He proposed universal health insurance coverage by January 1, 1998; could you imagine if that actually happened? But the Clintons (yes, both of them) failed as politicians and we've still got an enormous mess on our hands. Some legacy.

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