Wednesday, April 05, 2006

yee-haw, y'all!

Yesterday after work I had the extreme pleasure of heading down to Coliseum Books for the biggest event in NYC knit blogging this month. Maybe even this year! I got to attend the reading for the publication of Mason-Dixon Knitting with Ann and Kay. It was great to meet Ann after reading about her for so long. Who knew that she was so tall? I also got to see a number of famous bloggers that I'd met at Kay's previously: Ann and Kay, Lis, Cara, and Valentina.

Even though the book was out for a whole week, I decided to wait and purchase the book at Coliseum, since they are so cool and host knitting book readings. I didn't want to dive into the book there, so I was actually eager to get on the train home. It was engrossing, and there's not much that can hold my attention during rush hour trains. I didn't even put on the iPod or use earplugs. I was shocked when the train pulled into my station.

Given my previous rant about photography, I am so pleased that MDK has utterly beautiful photography. Clear, large, and interesting. The patterns look great, and there are a number of things that I can't wait to try out. I want to go through it again, more slowly, and absorb the material more. It's really an inspiring book, and can't recommend it enough.

My pictures were not loverly, but really! I was there! Muchos congratulations!

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