Wednesday, April 12, 2006

panic attack

This morning I had a small panic attack when I realized that my pretty pretty spring scarf was missing. I was certain that I put it in my bag last night when leaving work, and therefore it was supposed to be in my bag this morning... and it wasn't! Time to freak out! Which I did! Very well indeed!

I was upset for various reasons: (a) I hadn't even posted a picture of it yet; (b) as previously discussed, it was a more expensive project than I normally undertake; and (c) I'd only worn it once! It was a finished object! Those are really rare around here!

When I arrived at work, my pretty pretty scarf was sitting on my desk. I then vaguely recalled someone saying how warm it was outside last night, and taking it out of my bag before leaving. A public apology is due to Hubby for dealing with my foul mood this morning when I thought that I'd lost the scarf.

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