Friday, April 28, 2006

an open letter to the mezzanine

Dear fellow theatre-goers,

Two things. First, to all the tour groups of high school students from the midwest; people in New York do not think it is "cool" to heckle the actors on the stage. We think that it is "cool" to be quiet, pay attention to the action, and laugh and clap only when appropriate during a "theatre production." As crazy as it might be, there are real live people up there, and it's not just a screen. The actors you know from the TeeVee are down the street in Three Days of Rain and the Caine Mutiny Court Martial.

Second. Eating peanuts out of a cellophane package during the show, one by stinkin' one, is r-u-d-e. It's a theatre, not your damn living room. There are a thousand other people in the room, and we'd like to hear the show we paid a lot of money to watch.

The narrator of the show was commenting about the inappropriate behavior of the audience. It wasn't pretty.

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Claire said...

Hey now, not all rude people are from the midwest. There are lots of self-entitled folks from CT and NJ that you'd think would know better too. Just have to defend my adopted part of the country.
But you're right about the behavior... the narrator was commenting?! Wow.