Friday, April 28, 2006

treat from the fairest clairest!

First off, SALE alert! Get 25% off storewide at The Point (on Bedford) Saturday and Sunday only 4/29-30. Spring is here and we're celebrating with a Sale! 25% off all Winter/Spring/Summer yarns* 50% off Colinette yarns Tagliatelli, Isis, Giotto, Prism, Point 5, Zanziba 50% off Noro winter yarns, Transitions, Yoroi, Kureyon, Big Kureyon *excluding Misti Alpaca, Cascade 220, and Lopi. This offer is not good with any other discount and cannot be used on any special orders. Sale in store only.

In other news, Claire is moving and doing the sort-out-and-toss procedure so frequently associated with relocating. She found some great treasures that appeared in my mailbox this week that I had to share.

The booklet of baby items includes a pattern for a bottle cozy! Wouldn't the publishers be surprised to see this pattern in so many of the new knitting books, but repurposed to hold the water bottles that everyone lugs around these days?

This booklet was titled something like, "Don't Forget Our Boys in the Army!" It was published in 1942. Wouldn't these head-warmer things be just the ticket for our boys in the army now? I'm sure that thick wool would be really helpful in the Iraqi deserts. Of course, those stationed in Afghanistan might find them useful in a couple of months.

I really like the purple shawl that's on the right side of this booklet. It's got a very cool texture. I don't recall the gauge for the pattern, but I do have a full pack of Rowan Magpie in a similar purple that might do very nicely... if I ever really have time to knit again. That remains in a bit of doubt.

Claire thoughtfully also included a piece to uphold the cocktail end of this here thingy. Ice does ruin Scotch. This appeared in New York magazine in December 1975.

Apologies for my poor photography skills. I should work on that. Or just not take vertically oriented pictures.

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Claire said...

I'm glad you rec'd and enjoyed the magazines! I love the purple stole too!
Any btw, I'm getting you a cheap scanner for your next b-day. :)