Tuesday, April 04, 2006

baby parade

So far in 2006, I've done three baby gifts: the Taro-inspired blankie, a purple hat, and a set of hat and booties. Still to go:

Baby MG: a boy, coming in May, friend of my Mom's. Gotta do something (not so subtle hints from her).
Baby CJ: gender unknown, coming in June/July, Dad is a former co-worker of mine. Sweater?
Baby MCS: gender unknown, coming in June. Big brother has a blanket, sweater and penguin already. But, they live in the South and I hear that it's a little hot for garments. Another toy? Do I have time for a blanket to match the big bro's? No. But I'll try to do it anyway.
Baby JL: a boy, coming in June, college friends. Baby has siblings already, so there are plenty of clothes. Perhaps a toy? I like little toys a lot, despite the massive amount of finishing that's required.
Baby MK: gender unknown, coming in September. Need to figure out something in a blankie format with colors, but not too bright. Hmmm....

So, I think that's the Year of the Baby. Of course, there are still MONTHS to go, so I'm sure that more will spring up from somewhere.

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Claire said...

May I have a penguin? Or do I have to have a kid first? (Rats!)