Tuesday, April 04, 2006

springing forward

I'm giving the very thin sock yarn a brief break to make a springy scarf, since I don't really have anything that fits the bill (quelle horror)! The yarn is a 50/50 blend of mohair and silk, and I'm using the Blue Sky Alpaca Opera Scarf pattern. I probably should have gone up a needle size, but I started it at movie club (hi, movie club!) and did't have size 11s in the purse. The yarn is from Catherine Van Laake Loom in Eessence Atelier [sic]. I can't find it online anywhere. I got two 50g hanks at Knit/Purl in Portland in January. It was more expensive than I normally go for ($16.75), but it just feels so very good. I got about 14" out of half a skein, so it should be fine, lengthwise. Glad that I got two, though.

The dye isn't fixed terribly well, because my bamboos are now quite blue-greenish on the tips. My fingers weren't quite as bad, and they washed out just fine. But if I wear this during the warmer spring months, is my neck going to turn blue too?

So, I brought this along to a conference that just finished. For the long plenary session yesterday I dragged my co-worker to a table at the side of the room. After 20 minutes I passed him a note: "Would it be OK if I knit discreetly?" He nodded, and I pulled out the scarf. I was happily knitting away, listening to the speakers drone on, and occassionally commented on the proceedings. Co-worker excused himself for a moment, and when he came back he said that people throughout the room were writing letters and napping. Therefore, it appeared that I was almost the only person paying attention... because I was knitting!

I'm into the second ball at this point, and should have the scarf finished by the end of the week. Spring temporarily disappeared from NYC, but it'll be back, and then I'll be ready.

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Anita said...

Hi from film club!

This is an awesome blog. I know absolutely nothing about knitting, and yet I am fully absorbed by reading about other people pursuing it.

Also, yay for cocktails! I see we share a recipe for the perfect g&t. The question is, how do you feel about vodka?